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About PJ Kev

Kelvin Mensah (also known as PJ Kev), was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. With guidance from Ghanaian parents, Kelvin found the courage to lead himself in a generation of self-starters, landing him into the Luxury Lifestyle business. Starting with a little more than a love for travel, Kelvin Mensah has amassed a notable reputation as one of the youngest African American Private jet brokers in the world. 

Since booking his first jet at 21, Kelvin has been flying recording artists, celebrities, athletes and top executives around the world; including the likes of Scott Disick, Young Thug, Tyga, The Kardashians, and Neymar Jr. just to name a few. His ever-expanding list of high profile clientele has set him apart in this industry in addition to his relentless effort to master his craft. At just 28 years old, Kelvin has successfully booked over 75 jets, totalling over $1.6M in sales. Innovative, proactive, and business-minded, Kelvin Mensah is ready to make a significant impact in his generation.

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